Birthday Bash and Fun Weekend

As I was browsing through the web for an event this weekend, I came upon AZ kids expo. My little Lexi and I have always attended this event ever since she was born.

We went there last year, and we had so much fun! There were a lot of activities for kids, and adults, too! The University of Phoenix stadium was filled with many booths that sells both kids and adult stuff. I remember my baby Lexi’s smile and giggles as she hops through one ride at a time. On the downside, the rides weren’t free. So, I had to visit the ATM from time to time just to get additional cash. I didn’t really know that I would spend that much on rides alone. Had I known, I would’ve brought along with me my piggy bank! On the lighter side though, these just dissapate each time I glance at Lexi’s smile. Oh how she loved the rides!

Also, last year’s event were filled with many kids shoving other kids. I just hope this weekend’s event will be much better. I did hear this AZ kids expo would be different this year. Even though we had our fair share of misfortunes in the last years expo, my daughter did have fun. She can’t stop talking about it!

I checked their website on facebook and I’ve been watching their updates on activities and traders. It seems like this would be much better than the last year. I heard this is organized by local parents, contrary to last year’s which was made possible by out-of-towners.

For this year’s expo, I plan to hire a nanny. I really want to visit their parent zones. But first, I have to make sure that their activity areas are safe for my daughter. Then, I will also watch their stage performance with my spouse and Lexi. I’m sure they will be excited with the appearance of popular cartoon characters, and mascots!

Oh, this coming Sunday is my birthday. We’ll see how that goes!

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Welcome to El Latino

Hello and welcome to the El Latino web site, your resource for information and news for the Latino Community in Arizona.

Hola y bienvenidos a la pĆ”gina web de El Latino, su fuente de informaciĆ³n y noticias para la comunidad latina en Arizona.

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