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Hello and welcome to the El Latino web site, your resource for information and news for the Latino Community in Arizona.

Hola y bienvenidos a la página web de El Latino, su fuente de información y noticias para la comunidad latina en Arizona.

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  1. STELLA BONIN says:


    On May 15, 2014, I was present for a probate case in Mesa, AZ in which I was a witness to what I feel was an example of discrimination. A widow who is the beneficiary to a will was treated as a second class citizen. I have been present three times for this case.

    The commissioner, I will not mention her name, treated the widow as if the widow was attempting to get out of paying a debt, however, the widow is fully entitled to be a beneficiary according to the Will.

    The original attorney chose to drop the case after the widow paid her more than $27,000. The reason given to the widow by the attorney for dropping the case is because the widow refused to sign over her probate rights for the sum of $1,500 .00. When the estate is worth millions that did not seem to be a reasonable thing for her to do. Hence, the widow hired another attorney from a very well-known law firm in Phoenix and this attorney charged the widow just to show up in court one-time $32,000, the widow couldn’t afford this sky high fees. Currently the widow has retained another law firm which is doing a good job. Upon obtaining the new law firm the commissioner accused the widow of changing attorneys to take advantage of the court system without stating the reason for the change. Upon addressing the court for the change of law firms the court did not want hear the explanation.

    It is obvious that this commissioner doesn’t like Hispanics is partial regarding her decisions. This is very sad because a commissioner that is aspiring to be a judge has to treat the people with respect, study the case, be impartial and set matter straight when a widow has been taking advantage of from the family of her late husband of many years. This family had assaulted, beaten, spit on the widow and attempted take the last penny the widow has relative to the will. Had I not witnessed it I would not have believed what I observed. It has often been said that “Justice is Blind”. In this particular case from my prospective Justice is not Blind”.

    If anyone is questioning my observations, all court proceedings are recorded.

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