Arizona Landmarks Worth Visiting

If you adore the great outdoors, it’s hard to find a place on Earth any more beautiful than in Arizona. In the Grand Canyon to the Painted Desert and Monument Valley, a trip is a scenic feast for all the senses. The trickiest part will be making sure you have enough space in your memory stick for all your photos and videos.

When planning your trip you will want to make the most of the incredible sights, so pack accordingly. So while you may not fall upon rain, the state is largely desert, you do need to plan for lots of sun. Summers are not exceedingly cold, with temperatures that range from 90 deg Farenheit to as high as 125 deg Celsius. Deserts also cool off at night, so bear in mind those temperatures can drop by as much as 50degF once the sun goes down carry a jumper along. Bring sunscreen, dress for the heat, and find methods to keep hydrated and shaded in the sun. Or consider visiting in winter months when the temperatures are not much more intense, ranging from 40-75 deg Farenheit.

In case you ‘re spending time out enjoying Arizona’s crazy beauty, you are also going to be doing lots of walking and hiking, so be sure to bring comfy and sturdy walking shoes.

The next step will be determining just what to do! Will it be a golf trip or a spa weekend? Are you up for a ghost tour in Tombstone? Or would you rather marvel at the modern feat of engineering known as the Hoover Dam? Arizona has it all and more.

Undoubtedly, the most famous landmark in Arizona is the Grand Canyon. Stretching nearly 300 miles across the state, the Colorado River has carved this steep gorge deep, showing rock underneath older than two billion years in age. There are many ways to appreciate this unbelievable wonder, thus don’t restrict yourself to just one. It’s possible for you to trek for days, or for a day. You are able to ride a mule down into the Grand Canyon, or hover above it in a chopper. You float down the river in a raft, or can stay in a historic lodge, go camping. You could also walk on the Grand Canyon by visiting the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass construction that juts 70 feet out over the rim of the Canyon, providing you with a view 4,000 feet down to the bottom. Whatever you choose to do, the Grand Canyon will surely be jam up your camera and take your breath away.

No less stunning is Arizona’s Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. It’s among the photographed and most amazing areas on Earth. Sitting on the boundary of Utah, the crimson desert rises some as high as 1,000 feet. The shade of the Valley changes from deep reds to brilliant beiges and vibrant oranges, with every hour of the day. Monument Valley isn’t just visually breathtaking; it’s iconic. Standing here will put you in mind of every Western, and every John Wayne film you have ever seen, as well as every Road Runner cartoon.

For a look by the Petrified Forest National Park, cease at an older age and find out more about the 200-million-year old fossils discovered here. Afterward, check out the unbelievable colours in the Painted Desert, that is part of the Petrified Forest National Park.

For a less dry time outside in Arizona, try a champagne cruise on Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States.You can take a tour of the Hoover Dam, and marvel at the engineering.

Arizona also offers innumerable urban ways to entertain yourself. You take yourself out to the ball game at Chase Field in Phoenix, or can tailgate in Glendale at a Cardinals game. Wander though Scottsdale’s Downtown Arts District or spoil your taste buds.

With Arizona’s red rock country for thousands of years, folks have been falling in love from the ancient Anasazi to Walt Disney and Zane Grey. So carry your camera and spend just a little time in the its great outdoors. You may just find which you too have fallen in love with Arizona.

If you live in Arizona, you might be amazed to see the perfect holiday destination isn’t that far away. If you’d like to experience a relaxing and fun holiday with no hassle (and steep prices) of leases and air travel autos, you may not have to look any further than your own backyard.


With year round balmy temperatures and sunny skies, Arizona is the perfect vacation spot if you are searching for some outdoor adventure, starting with scenic Sedona. Known as red rock state, picturesque Sedona is teeming with towers and red rock monoliths, creating some of the most stunning landscapes found everywhere. Visitors can enjoy the amazing scenery and see restaurants and Sedona’s unique stores.

The Grand Canyon

Did you realize that many Arizona residents have never seen the Grand Canyon? You have not truly seen Arizona that was experienced unless you’ve experienced the majestic Grand Canyon. Carved through thousands (if not millions) of years by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is one of the biggest canyons on the planet at 277 miles long and at times 18 miles wide and nearly a mile deep. Held one of the natural wonders of the Planet Earth, you must experience this breathless landmark.

Resorts that are local

Why not stay at an area resort? Phoenix has some of the very best in the nation. Book a weekend at a luxury resort and spa and you will feel like you are on a relaxing holiday at some far off destination without the hassles of travel.


With more than 300 courses located throughout the state and days that are bright year-round, Arizona is a golfer’s heaven. Plan a golfing vacation where you play at a different course every day or attend golf school (which resorts with classes offer) to sharpen your abilities.

Arizona Golf Course at Sunset

There are few sights more beautiful than an Arizona golf course at sunset.

Sports Enthusiasts

Sports fans assemble to experience the variety of professional sports in Arizona, including the NFL Arizona Cardinals, the MLB Arizona Diamondbacks, the NBA team the Phoenix Suns, and the NHL Coyotes. In addition, several tournament games are often held in Arizona, including the Super Bowl and faculty bowl games.

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