Roaming the Desert Looking for a Good Garage Sale

We loaded up into the car and went through a few desert communities this weekend looking for a good garage sale. We were on the hunt for some decent bargains. I wanted to get a few things for the bedroom, like an antique vanity, an area rug, quality yoga gear, and if we could find one, a cheap mattress. Ideally one that hadn’t been used for too long. Our bed is a little lumpy because it has an old mattress and I’m not getting great sleep at night because of it. Some people would shudder at the thought of buying a used mattress at a garage sale, but these are the same people who wouldn’t balk at sleeping at a hotel. I’d rather have a used mattress that had one person sleeping on it than hundreds. Anyway, the garage sale tour this weekend paid off. We found a lot of great deals.

No dice on the mattress, but we did pick up a beautiful old vanity that will go great in the bedroom. We almost picked up an area rug, but decided that it didn’t really go with the other decor and skipped it. But it was a fun adventure and we’ll do it again soon.

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